Monday, February 19, 2007

BOB - Circular Functions

Hmmm... Where to start??? Well I guess I could start by saying that this class has been a blast! I enjoy coming to class each day and interacting with Mr. K. and of course, my fellow classmates. This first unit has been a very interesting one. Like all units, different people have problems with different aspects. I myself did not have trouble with many parts of this unit, but that is probably because it is similar to last year's "functions" unit.
As I said earlier, this class has been such a good experience, but there was one class in particular that stood out as both a fun and learning experience. When we wrote our pre-test for the unit, there seemed to be a sense of tension in the air while we wrote the test. Everyone was silence and the sounds of pencil scratching, calculator punching, and the blowing of eraser shavings off one's desk filled the air. I myself was not expecting such a "tricky" test so I was also thinking and working furiously. After Mr. K. told us to stop writing and split us into groups, the sounds of frantic problem-solving seemed to morph into a more relaxed sharing of ideas. I feel this class was great because different people got a chance to get together and share their ideas and methods, all of which were greatly appreciated. Finally as Mr. K. shared the correct answers with the class there seemed to be a great excitement as if each answer was the winner of and Oscar. Groups exploded with cheers, fist-pumps, and hi-fives to members of their groups whom they weren't friends with before. That is why I believe that this was the best class; it made the students of this class a bit closer and I'm pretty sure that no one here is afraid to share their ideas with someone they feel close to.
Finally, I wish to say a formal GOOD LUCK! to everyone for Wednesday morning's Unit Test. Remember Sisyphus, even if you believe it to be impossible, try your best...
"Keep pushing that rock to the top and maybe, just maybe, it will stay"

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