Monday, February 19, 2007


Well I must say that most of the material that we have been covering in class I have been understanding (though the quizzes say otherwise). The proportional thinking has even helped me in other classes, namely g.12 chem. It makes for easier methods when it comes to the molarity problems. So I have already taken away useful information from this course. I am looking forward to the test actually to see if it is possible to overcome the "Curve Balls of Kuropatwa". It is my goal to ace one of those grueling, genius-spawned tests. I have gained much knowledge from the lessons and now that I look back on the earlier exercises I'm finding them a breeze. This is probably due to the group work in class which has been monumentally effective in my mind. All our minds working synergistically to solve problems shines much more effective light on the questions. All-in-all I'm looking forward to the test. I wish everyone luck. G'night.

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