Sunday, June 3, 2007

bee oh bee number eight!

Well I guess this is the last bob I will do for this school year. Sequences and series are quite interesting to me. It's interesting how you can form series out of sequences...and sequences out of series! Yes...This unit has been quite fun, fast and a little easier to understand. It wasn't as hard as I thought...but problem solving might slow me down if I don't know what Im supposed to do! As well as formulas...I can't remember those haha...but I will. So good luck to everyone on the test. Hope we all do well.
I guess I'll reflect on the whole semester as well. The semester has been great. At the beginning of the semester I did okay and second term came and I didn't do as well. Combinatorics and probability were quite challenging for me. I did like the transformations unit though. Every moment in our class was pi day...where we all got sick of pie and didn't want it anymore...when we carried on with the rest of the questions while Mr. K. stepped out and we laughed when he came in to tell us to do the questions...when we had that conversation with Eddie's class...everything was fun!.. from the smartboard to the old traditional white board...which personally I like better. I miss the math would have been cool because if we still did it on the white board we could have written: END OF COURSE. haha which would have been exciting!!!!! but to everyone...good luck on the test, exam and future studies whether you choose to go to college, university, take a year off, come back or are continuing here at DMCI. BYE everyone for now!

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