Monday, June 4, 2007


Another scribe post in the words of Jojo Rocks.

Was surprised finding out I was scribe of all days. Yet today was pretty interesting. In the morning we had our pre-test, a very interesting pre-test mind you and it seemed everyone had a fine idea how this unit worked. Good thing the equations were on the board. I have enough trouble remembering every other equation... Anyways we were put into groups and the room lit up with conversations. My group was interesting, 2 great minds working while 1 great mind in progress (me) layed back with a question mark on his head nodding to everything they agreed too. Just kidding.. Time ran out quickly so we had to wait to see how some answers turned out the way they did.

So yeah, the afternoon class came right away. My mind was sorta somewhere else since I have a short film wit ha script to create by Thursday I think. But yeah we went through the 5Th question on the pre-test since it had some issues for some people. although a lot of people had different rounded numbers we all were pretty close. Funny how a funny worded problem had so many solutions to it. The podcast recording stopped working again. Twice. Blamed it on Richard, the usual stuff. After that was all over and done with we did some homework based questions as review which are on the slides.

There was an interesting talk about the Koch snowflake and how there are 10 different dimensions. Mr. K explained how a square won't see a sphere and how we'd see ourselves as worms if we saw in the 4th dimension. Very hard to comprehend but sounds very easy to say. Don't you love that? Scribe tomorrow is... SAM!

Just kidding Sam, Sorry Jeng your it!

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