Monday, June 4, 2007


Hello, back for my last Bob of the year and what a unit to end off the year. This unit was one of the better units we have had all year in my opinion. Other then the memorizing of the equations and when to use them, it is simply all fitting an equation into the problems and plugging in the value. I found this unit to have been difficult at first especially when doing the homework, although after the memorization of the equations and when I had to use them, the questions were a lot easier. All though the unit seems easier then the others, I believe the questions can become very hard and the difficulty of the test may become a challenge. All in All I believe this unit was one of the easier ones and as long as I study once again tonight, I think I am going to be ready for the test. Study hard and good luck guys and gals for the sequences test and the long awaited Provincial Exam next week.

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