Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hello!it's albert M. and I'm the scribe for the last friday. Since we're done in all of our units, we are just preparing for the last test which is the "Sequence" and also for our upcoming provincial exam this coming June 11. We just go over with some problems like these: the first one was just a warm up so it was easy. You are just going to use the formula to find tn and that's it.
First thing that we did was, we divided 8748 by 36 and got a quotient of 243 then we took the 5th root of it and got 3 as the common ratio. Then, we used the formula, plug-in the numbers and solve for the missing term.

using this formula tn = t1r we apply what we had learned in logarithms to find the value of n.

First one:

k = 1 tells you that k will starts at 1 and will end at 4.

Therefore plug in 1-4 for the k in to the 3k.

Chris showed the long method or the sum formula to get it done.

Second one:

k = 0 tells you that k will starts at 0 and will end at 3.

Therefore plug in 0-3 for the k to the 2^k.

Chris used the long method again to show it is the same.

Mr. K asked us to come up with two more different sigma notation for the same value and here's some of our answers. You can write the sigma notation of the same value in infinity ways.
We can use what we have learned to Mr. Green in his video clips that you can find in youtube, as we get the common ratio for the numbers in geometric sequence or you can divide the first two numbers, if you get r<1 then it converges and when r>1 therefore the answer diverges which you can see above.
We got the perimeter of the first triangle = 42

the perimeter of the second triangle = 21

the perimeter of the third triangle = 10.5

You can notice the pattern already didn't you?

try to get its common ratio by dividing the second number to the first number or the third number to the second one.

Lastly, use the formula for infinity then you'll get 84 as an answer.

This is so pretty straight forward so i won't explain it.

We are working on the last question which is the last clip but the bell rang already so we're just going to continue it on Monday which will be later discussed by Jojo who rocks!

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