Sunday, June 10, 2007

Exam time!

Your provincial exam is this week. I was thinking on your taking the test and remembering a day some 5 years ago when I was to write an extremely important exam.

I was mindful to get some sleep just prior to the exam and hoping that you will too for this reason:

The bottom line: Teens need 9.25 hours of sleep per night
In experiments done at Harvard Medical School and Trent University in Canada, students go through a battery of tests and then sleep various lengths of time to determine how sleep affects learning. What these tests show is that the brain consolidates and practices what is learned during the day after the students (or adults, for that matter) go to sleep. Parents always intuitively knew that sleep helped learning, but few knew that learning actually continues to take place while a person is asleep. That means sleep after a lesson is learned is as important as getting a good night's rest before a test or exam.

At the risk of sounding "mom-ish", have you taken this into consideration in your preparation to be your very best for your test??

On my test day, I was just about to leave for the testing center when I asked my husband to wish me luck. "No," he said, "I won't do that." I was crestfallen. I felt like I needed one last boost before the "big" one.

Then he continued, "You don't need luck. You're smart. You're prepared. You're good. I believe in you. Go out there and just do it!!!! I'll be here when you get back."

It's time for me to pass that forward to you! You don't need luck. You're smart. You're good. You're well prepared (thanks to your hard work and Mr. K). I believe in you. Go out there and just do it!!!!

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MrSiwWy said...

Hi Lani! Thanks for the benevolent and extremely helpful post prior the exam. I hope that many students come to read this post, because I know that many will be panicking due to the subsequent exam; seeing as your post alleviates most of this panic and a lot of the pressure built up for it. And as you say in your post, or like nike always proclaimed in their bevy of advertisements, "just do it." I know I'll go out there and accomplish my goal to do my best, and I hope everyone else does as well. Thanks again for the knowledge and power to once again be confident for the exam tomorrow!