Friday, April 27, 2007

BOB-ing 5

WOW! Another BOB! This only means one thing. TEST!!!! Gee.. This unit has been different. I've had so many confusions with this one. There's a pick formula, choose formula. Those words are synonymous! LOL! Maybe... So yeah. The binomial Theorem startled me in the beginning but I know that with a few more practice, I will be comfortable with this! But, my quizzes have been lower than what I used to get. It's all of these DEV stuff that stress me out. I couldn't do my homework because of that! Anyway, Permutations and combinatorics are easy. It's just the matter of remembering which is which, which formula to use, in which circumstances! WOW! That's hard! Nevermind. So is anyone ready for the test? I'm not. To tell you the truth, I don't feel good about it. Pre-emptively, I will feel something about an upcoming test and for this one, I know it wouldn't be a good one. Sad... So, instead of rambling all over the place here, I should continue my DEV project! It's due on Monday! See you guys! I'm out!

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Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Hi Vince,

You said: "There's a pick formula, choose formula. Those words are synonymous!"

No they are not. The "pick" formula (permutations) applies when the order in which the objects are arranged matters, i.e. different orders are considered different arrangements.

The "choose" formula (combinations" applies when order doesn't matter.