Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So we started of by that Mel had a doctor appointment and hadn't post her scribe up from yesterday, so its up for grabs so... i choose myself to be the one do todays scribe. So after that we had a small three questions quiz, it toke us about 15 mins to do then correcting with the right answers. The first question deals on how 4 students sit in a row with 9 chairs, so there are 6 possible way and 4 people to seat 6x4!=144. the second question ask that how many ways that number 1,3,5,7,9 be arrange in a 3 digit number with repeating numbers (easy question) so, 5x5x5=125. So the other part of the question was that how many 3 digit numbers can be form that is less than 600 and divisible by 5 so, 3x5x1=15 ways. the last question ask that how can8 books can be arrange if 3 books has to be together so, 6!3!=4320 ways.

Then Mr. K told us we will be talking about poker hands and everyone started talking to each other about the game of poker. We talked and had to solve all the hands possible in the game of poker like how many possible way are there to get a royal flush, only 4 ways to can get that hand. Then continuing on with the straight flush then with the 4 of a kind, then full house.

In the afternoon class we split into groups to solve the last few questions so, move with the regular flush, then the straight but not the same suits, then 3 of a kind and two pairs. Mr.K gave a question on how many games have to be played if a 10 team conference have to play each other team once so, 10 C 2=45 or the easy way, 9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1=45. The next question deals with a group of seven people reach a fork on the road and how many can be made that four people has to go one way and the others go to the other path, so we started of by 7 C 4 X 3 C 3 (because theres a full group of 7 people and 4 of them has to go to that path then there were only 3 people left to go to that path). It was near the end of class so Mr. K told the homework was to find the last to hands in the poker game one set of pair and no pairs at all
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