Sunday, April 29, 2007


Seeing that the test is coming up, it's time to blog on the blog once more.

This unit included its share of interesting and difficult times. I must agree with Mr. K that homework was definitely essential for this unit, in my opinion. Most of the questions had their own elements that may have related to other questions but were not exactly the same.

I find that the most difficulties I have with this unit is the race against time. There are so many ways to think about each question that it seems as though I'm playing against time to find the path that will lead me to the solution.

Also, besides the more simple combinatorics word problems, I don't think that I'm extremely comfortable with the binomial theorem yet. Only time will tell because I have yet to finish my homework and we still have pretest day tomorrow.

Well that's all I have to reflect on, Good luck to everyone on the Pre-test and Test this week!

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