Friday, April 13, 2007

More Exponential Modeling

Hello every one, it is Dino again. Today's class was all about review, because we have finished all of the exponents and logarithms unit. So basically today was a review day so everybody in the class was able to become more familiar in doing exponential modeling questions. Mr. K was also explaining to the students in class today, that on the 17th of April, the Pc40sw07 class was supposed to have a skype conversation with Eddie's class in Georgia, but due to Eddie's class having tests that week, it is postponed until further notice, maybe the week after. Mr. K was also explaining to the class that there was going to be a test on grade 12 pre-cal material that was to be written of the 17th of April from the University of Waterloo, and if anyone in or under grade 12 is interested in writing the test, they were supposed to see Mr. K.
Then Mr. K pulled up more exponential modeling questions on the smart board which were done in groups. I would have liked to show you and explain the slides, although Mr. K did not post them, but that is not to be any worry, because they will probably be posted on Monday, because we did not complete all the slides for the review so we will finish them Monday Morning. As Monday morning is going to be a review period and there will also be a quiz, so that means that Monday afternoon is the pre-test. Tuesday's class is going to be the test day for the Exponents and Logarithms unit.
So Study, Study, Study for Monday's quiz, pre-test, and Tuesday's Test. Make sure to get in those Bobs before the test on Tuesday. Good Luck and Study Hard!

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