Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hello to everyone once again! Just to let you know, on Monday and Tuesday we had two work periods to finish and catch up on our exercises. I did not scribe because there was no lesson being taught but today I will.

Today’s class started off by Mr. Kuropatwa talking about our Developing Expert Voices projects. We talked about a couple of projects and how our marks were going to presented to us when we finish them. Then out of nowhere we received a quiz.

After the quiz we moved onto our lesson. The lesson for today was Natural Logarithms. In previous classes we talked about common logarithms and those are known to be log base 10. A Natural Logarithm is a logarithm in which the base is the irrational number e (= 2.718281828459 . . . ). The number e is Euler’s number. Class went on and Mr. Kuropatwa talked about one of the three ways that e is useful. We found out that e is a limiting factor when it comes to interest. I personally found this very interesting when we went on our calculators and experimented a little bit. After talking a bit about that, we went on to questions that related to e. We also graphed e^x and saw that we could also take that graph and reflect it and do many translations to it. Right in the closing minutes of class we talked about (In) and what that means but i'll leave that until tomorrow's class. To take a look at what im talking about you can refer to the blogs slide show of todays class!
That is it for today and don't forget that homework is exercise the next which is exercise 25...and the next scribe is...Mark.

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