Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hi guys I'm your scribe for today. K, so I'm going to have to remember it on top of my head with the help of MrSiwWy. Since the podcast and the slides aren't up yet. Or maybe its just my computer? hmm, anyways here it is ...

We started a new unit today it is called "The Fundamental Princple of Counting". We were about to start but then the computer crashed. So Mr. K couldn't access to his lesson plan. We just waited a bit then BOOM it started working! Then we started and we talked about the combinations of ties, pants and shirts. There was a question that goes a little something like this

how many outfits can be made from 3 pants and 4 shirts?
3 x 4 = 12

Now you can do it using a tree diagram and it looks like this ....

with two pants, three shirts and two ties.

We did more problems that has to do with tree diagrams and we got into factorials. The symbol for it is ! (yep, its an exclamation mark)

n! = (n) x (n-1) x (n-2) x (n-3) its also the same as ... 3 x 2 x 1
0! = 1 (Mr. K will explain more later on this unit why zero factorial is equal to one)

How do you punch it in the calculator?
Hit the botton that says [ MATH ]
At the top of your screen you see the selections [ MATH ] [ NUM ] [ CPX ] [ PRB ]
Use the arrow keys and higlight [ PRB ] then hit the number [ 4 ]
It should then appear to your screen !

Then we had to simplify the following factorial ...

In the beginning of the class we mostly talked about our D.E.V. We also discussed Grey-M's D.E.V project. Which by the way was very awesome! Good job!. Then we talked about the rubric for it. Mr K. feels that there should be some changes in the rubric. Then for half the class we were put in groups and practiced more on our new unit. Here they are ...

Whooott I'm done. FINALLY! Good thing I wrote down the examples. Have a good night everyone. on BTW the next scribe will be .... SANDY!

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Lani said...


Thanks for your good scribe!

I agree 100% about the quality of Grey-M's DEV project.

I wasn't able to find the podcast to listen so had a question: What kind of changes to the DEV rubric were discussed? How might they impact your learning?