Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Scribe That Almost Wasn't

Hey guys this is Mel and I'm so deeply sorry that this is late. This is what I get for being such a novice with computers and trying to make the scribe look fancy. I learned my lesson K.I.S.S. and people will still learn as long as all the material is there.

MONDAY, after Mr. K was finished preparing the days lesson we got right to work.

He hit us with a question:

a) How many ways can the ways GEOMETRY be arranged so that vowels and consonants alternate?First we give 8 available spaces labeled cvcvcvcv because the vowels an consonants alternate.

YES, in this case Y is a vowel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are four vowels and consonants so in the first space there are 4 available consonants, in the second there are 3 in the third there are 2 and in the last space there is only 1 consonant available so therefore is labeled one. Same pattern applies to the vowels.

In the above illustration there are two sets because you could either start with a vowel or start with a consonant.

Then you mulitply:

Note: you add 576 two times because there are two sets.

b) How many ways is y the last letter?

Quest. 2

How many ways can student council choose a subcommittee of 5 people from the entire council which consist of 11 people?

Comination: An arrangement of objects where order does not matter.

Given a set of n objects, how many different groupls of n objects can be chosen were order doesn't matter.

For example:

How many different tickets can be sold in the 6/49?

(Basically just plug in the numbers)

To punch this in your calculator

Press the MATH button

Choose the PRB

Choose the third choice which is n choose r

In other words, you much better off just saving your money!!!!!!!

I'm still in the learning process for these blogs, as you can tell I'm not that great, but i hope i covered everything. Until my next duty this is got MELk out.

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