Sunday, April 29, 2007

How many ways can BOB be arranged so that....

So yet again a test looms before us.... We have all been armed with the knowledge to slay the mighty Kuropatwian test. We will go forth pencils loaded, lucky rabbit's foot in hand (but not a real rabbits foot, because that's cruel) and hope for the best as that beast of a paper rears it's cover before us. It's menacing gaze striking fear and anxiety into our hearts... then kindly asking us if we bobbed and wishes us luck. HA, luck, it is of no consequence for the questions seem to be anti-calculator and anti-luck. But as I vowed in the beginning I will slay the mighty test and after I will rise above it and triumphantly say.... *YIPPEE!* Then smile and go to comp. sci.

Well maybe not this test. Feel pretty good but there are so many little itty-bitty things that catch me everywhere.

Good luck all!


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