Monday, April 30, 2007

The Bob that almost never was...

Grrrr! Why must my computer dislike me so intensely? This bob (as the title implies) almost never happened because I've been struggling to just get my computer to work! Well I have a limited time to complete so enough about my computer; on with the Bob.
The unit of counting presented a very different view upon how we approach mathematics. Before, we always just applied formulas very directly and precisely, but here we must think first. I think that DEV really distorted my homework endeavors by consuming all of my time, thus leaving no time for any exercises. I really regret not doing any exercises, as I suffered greatly when each of those grueling quizzes were presented to us (GRr my Averaggee )= ) and now I feel so horrible. Though, now that I look back at the entire unit I can see that it's not actually that difficult if you familiarize yourself with the methods of thinking. Each question almost always requires a unique approach But, like Mr. K said, try to associate or relate the problem at hand with questions that we have conquered together throughout the unit. It's a good tip, and there's quite a bit to remember and methods of solving that I know I wil(as should all of you) practice to prepare for this test. Remember, permutations concern arrangements or choices that regard a significance in the change of the order, whereas combinations concern arrangements that do NOT regard a significance in the change of order. Well I have to go catch up on all my english homework (Grr DEV), hope my computer doesn't go sour again anytime soon, and I also hope to have time to review efficiently for tomorrow's test. Boo for the deadly combination of a bombardment of homework and uncooperative computer =/ Hope you all can study and do your best on the approaching counting test! Hope I get the chance to study =) G'night!
Good Luck to Everyone on the Counting Test!!

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