Sunday, May 27, 2007

BOB-ing 7

I'll go straight to the point. The Probability Unit evokes chaos in my mind. In short, probability is one of those units in Math that makes me go, "WHAAAT?!" It may not seem like it because I don't do it in class. But seriously, in my head, I do it a lot. I grasped the concept easily. However, the application of that concept is the real puzzle to deal with. Maybe, the struggle originates from lack of practice and absence of confidence with myself. Like in the last quiz, I doubted myself so much that I erased the solutions for two questions that transpired to be correct. That was really... KJ (kill joy). Another frustration dawned upon me as the week concluded and the weekend commenced. I promised that I would be practicing during the weekend, but I failed to such a thing. Some problems throw me off because of too many disturbances. I really hope that I do well in this test, but not without a lot of practices. Maybe I should start after this BOB! Anyway, this year is about to end and I couldn't ask for more with a fun class already at hand. But, it's so fun that sometimes my attention linger over other topics. My BOB ends here and I hope you all had a great weekend and good luck on the upcoming pretest and test! See you guys tomorrow!
I hope that all my practices will pay off. Good luck guys! I know I need that too! HAHA!

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