Sunday, May 13, 2007


Wow, I hate my internet. Took me hours just to get this fully functional BOB up, it's a miracle I arrived at the "create post" successfully. Well here goes my BOB.

I think the unit of Conics was a breeze. Extremely easy, nothing truly difficult was presented to us, and the very little homework. But, I do have a rant regarding what Mr. K said concerning people going up to the board. Throughout the course, we've seen the utilization of the smartboard optimize and manifest itself as the base learning mechanic of the class. But we always seem to see the same people go up, while the rest of us just watch. I guess it's good to experience learning through visual means, but kinesthetic learning is a good change of pace to help us fully engulf ourselves in the information being presented. I don't think it's a big deal, however. Many of us are probably more visually-oriented learners now. Well, that was just a rant, all this free time due to this incredibly easy unit got me to thinking. I don't suggest anything though, I'm just sharing my view. Back to the unit, Conics brought back the well known parabola and circle back from last year's precalculus class, and also introduced some new funky sections for us, such as the ellipse and the hyperbola. As long as you know the properties and definitions of each conic section, you'll be fine. Reiterating my previous description, this unit was extremely easy. I hope (and am strongly believing) that everyone will do great on this test.

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Lani said...

Hi MrSiwWy,

Isn't technology grand?

I'm struck by your rant-- You've written the behavior off to visual and kinesthetic learners which is what I know most might agree. I wonder if another perspective might be active and passive learners? How do you think the choice, active or passive, might impact the depth of understanding or learning?