Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One HYPER-bola morning...

One HYPER-bola morning, still worn out from the exhausting activity of origami, we immediately began identifying the similarities and differences of the equations of horizontally-oriented hyperbola and the vertically-oriented hyperbola. We enumerated the similarities first then we moved on to the differences.


After each discussion about the similarities and differences of each equation. We talked about what if the equation is equal to - 1. Well, it's simple... YOU JSUT CAN'T HAVE NEGATIVE 1 ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Therefore...


THEN, we tried a couple of problems... PIECE OF CAKE!!!

The graph looks like this... and the asymptote is determined using:


This is the graph of the hyperbola described above.


This concludes our lesson for today. Gladly, I didn't have to make a scribe post for two classes, considering I have been busy lately... That was easy! Anyway.. the next scribe is JOHN!


aichelle s. said...

nice scribe post I like your use of colour and the detail you put into it. =)

Lani said...

Hi Vincent,

Your engaging title pulled me in to read a scribe that was clear, and that nicely focused the similarities and differences! You clearly annotated with color coding your explanations. Nice Job!

Pre Cal, isn't this Hall of Fame Worthy?


Mr. H said...

Congratulations for creating a scribe that isn't just a rehash of the smartboard notes(not that those scribes are not well done). I enjoyed the content and the effort you put into this post. I agree with Lani. Hall of Fame worthy.

Mr. Harbeck
Sargent Park School

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone. Especially all the colour! I love it. (: The text is also large, too, which makes it easy to read. Good job Vincent! Hall of Fame Worthy! (:

- Sandy

MilesM said...

This is an awesome scribe post Vincent!!>...

Hall of Fame!!!

aichelle s. said...

I agree with the rest of the folks this is definitely hall of fame worthy. Everything was explained well and the use of colour helped a lot.