Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bob The Snob

Hello everyone and good morning just getting back from work...This unit...was wow one of the hardest for me because you actually have to think and theres not really any formula to do the questions, (almost like probability) FYI: i HATE probability. But yeah, this unit somewhat frustrates me because there's very easy questions and there very hard questions and because everything in math is usually a trick =( its very easy to over think the question because you think ts too easy to be true. and Mr. K kept stressing to do all our homework and the unit would be easy ...well i did all mine except for 2 exercises that I'm doing now... and some of the stuff is still very hard especially the binomial theorem. I think that's enough complaining for on unit.

Good Luck everyone because I'm sure we are all going to need it!!!!!

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