Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Well, well, well, once again I find myself sitting in front of my computer and thinking about the previous unit. I have enjoyed this unit actually (yes, I enjoyed MATH!) I cleary understood most of the most topics and was able to apply them accurately to the questions (with a little help from Chris, Vincent, Aichelle, and of course Mr. K.). I think this may be because it sort of deals with logic, in the sense that you have to think about the question and then design a model to use for it. Anyway, with the test a little more than 12 hours away, I have one thing to say: Good luck to all, but I hope that not many of us need it because we have all been studying hard and are now confident with the material in the unit. Also, I hope that there is a lot of poker questions on the test (I love those!) and very few that deal with the binomial theorem, Pascal's Triangle, etc.
KEEP PUSHING!!! (do I even have to say it any more?)

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