Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Wow I almost forgot about this. It's already the night before the test and it's pretty late too so I'm pretty sure no one will see this. Ever since I got back from Banff I've been very clumsy and forgetful =S Moving on, one of my favorite units has come to an end. It's my favorite unit because it's not necessarily easy but it isn't exactly challenging either. Understanding the concepts and mathematical content in this unit can be largely based on understanding what the problem asks for, finding restrictions in the problem, and relating the problem to possibly an easier more simple less complicated problem. Being able to do that is real key to whether or not we can get high marks on this coming test, well that and studying =P But really, there isn't much concepts or formulas as there is content in the unit. So really all you need to do is know a few concepts and know how to apply them in different ways for each problem ahead. Good luck to all on the test tomorrow, may Buddha be with you =D

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