Sunday, May 27, 2007


I almost forgot to bob for the upcoming probability test until I checked the blog and saw Sandy's. And to iterate Sandy's statement, the provincial exam is only 2 weeks away! I can't believe that we've blown through the year in almost no time at all (well at least it felt like that) and what a blast it's been. Though I'm feeling really down because of all the cruddy marks I've been getting recently, but I've really enjoyed this course so far. This was the first class which presented a functional lesson solely integrated upon the smartboard. But enough about reflecting over the entire year, this bob's supposed to be about just this unit xD. This unit of course was probability. This unit wasn't terribly difficult and didn't present a lot of tribulations, especially seeing as the final portion of probability incorporated one of our previous lessons: combinatorics. Just remembering that a probability can be found by dividing the amount of favorable outcomes by total amount of outcomes is how you arrive at the wanted probability. Well this unit was very relaxed and somewhat straight forward, but as Mr. K left us (made me sad )= ) we were responsible for our own learning, and showing by my quiz marks, I wasn't exactly a very reliable worker. But as for the rest of the unit, there wasn't really anthing new that was unique to other units except for the exciting colloquy we had with Eddie's class in Georgia! It was quite a surreal experience, seeing as it's quite intriguing to converse with people from other regions of the world. I think we were all excited to chat with the class over in Georgia, and when the day came, we really enjoyed it. I think it was quite an extravagant episode in our bevy of pre-calculus memories. But with that said, I can't wait for further conversations from the class over in Georgia. This was my bob, good night everyone. As for the test:

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