Friday, May 11, 2007


Today’s class started out with us being divided into separate groups and one panel. We worked on questions that Mr. K. prepared for us on the smartboard because we were supposed to have bus ridership. Before that Mr. K. talked about the gizmo call we are going to have with Eddie’s class. Remember: comment on the gizmo blog post.

Question 1:
For this question we must plant a coordinate plane on the diagram. In this question we placed it in the middle. Since we placed the coordinate plane in the middle our vertex is zero. To find the maximum depth, first, we must find the equation of the parabola. The equation of the parabola is x² = 4p y. This equation is not complete because we do not know the value of p. To find the exact value of p we plugged in a point from our graph. Then once we found p our equation was complete. From that equation we found x when y was at 3m. We found x to be ±√50 or ±5√2. After that we found the measure of the distance from those two points, which was 2√50 or 10√2.

Question 2:
For this question we determined the equation of the parabola by drawing a sketch from what we were given.

Question 3: For this question we determined that the equation we were making was for an ellipse because the definition of an ellipse is - a locus of points that move in such a way that the sum of the distances from a given point, p to a and p to b is the same.

Question 4:
For this question we drew a sketch to helps us find the equation for the parabola and we also substituted values from one of the given points to help us determine p.

Question 5:
To determine the equation for this hyperbola we to into consideration what was given and we also the slope to determine a and b.

This concludes our class and my scribe post. If I have failed to leave any important key points or information please tell me so and I will fix it right away.
Also, our pre-test is Monday morning and our test is Monday Afternoon.
Tuesday, we will start probability.
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