Monday, May 14, 2007

BOBing (Can't think of anymore names right now i'm so tired)

This unit was super fast (which could end up to be a good thing or a bad thing...i would say bad) it felt like we spent maybe 4 classes max.
Otherwise this unit was pretty good understood most stuff because it was somewhat similar to what we did in Grade 11. Love the fact that there's actually formulas to follow and memorize, not like counting. The only thing that I'm not liking about this unit it is the last part where Mr.K started applying it to real life things in those problem solving format, i found those pretty difficult, i either was over thinking it or not thinking at all.
I'm actually almost very tempted to say this unit was relatively ....easy! Almost seems to good to be true(it's a trick), but i know Mr.K is gonna shove those words down my throat eat them and choke on them when we get the test.

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