Monday, March 5, 2007

BEE OH BEE numero dos

well it looks like I am bob-ing again! well this unit went by pretty quickly! I'd have to say this unit was okay for me because it seems that I understood the things that went on in class. Although, graphing reciprocals was quite challenging...and it still is. I enjoy doing stretches and translations =) haha those are quite fun and I seem to understand how to do them as well as reflections. The problem solving question we had solved on Friday's class and as well as today's class was quite challenging! I understand it but it takes quite a while to solve. I think that if I had more questions like that to solve then I'd understand it better and have a better grasp on how to solve those kinds of questions. Well I think this about wraps up my bob!
I hope everyone does well on the upcoming pre-test and test.
Good luck and good bob-ing!

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