Thursday, March 22, 2007

Scribe Postage # 2!

Hello everyone! It is me your scribe for today. I am filling in for Craig due to the lack of his presence in class. The class started off with Mr. K. asking if the podcast was a useful tool to any of us. It is indeed a useful tool to all of us, whether we use it as a review or help with our scribe posts. We learned that on April 17th we are going to have a Skype call with Eddie’s class. After the break, we will be discussing what we can talk to them about.

Next, we talked about the rubric for our assignment. It is due tomorrow at 9:00 am! So, people get busy revising, editing and putting your thoughts on what we need! There have been some changes and additions from a few people already but we still need to finalize it for tonight. Mr. K. also talked about being an expert. He said that being an expert is like being in the centre of a circle and being on the edge and pulling more and more knowledge in. Experts are constantly on the edge bringing in more knowledge.

Next, Mr. K put up some questions on the smart board for us to do as a review. As he stepped out of the class, what had happened was we, Chris, Vincent and I had solved the problems on the board with Richard’s help. Then, Richard took the role of “teacher” and moved us onto the next slide and enlarged the equations for all of us to see. Then, unknowingly, Mr. K. popped his head into the class and said at anytime we could put our answers on the board. Simultaneously, the class burst out into laughter because we were one step ahead of him. After that we clued him in on what was going on and he explained to us that the questions on the board were a bit different from the previous ones.

Also, any number to the exponent zero equals one.
We experimented with flips of graphs on fooplot by changing the equations.
This is what we got as our results. That was pretty much our class and if I have failed to exclude something within this scribe post or if I have made a mistake please tell me and I will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks. Homework is number nineteen and the questions on 20 that we did not do [10, 11, 12].
Oh, and the next scribe is Kasia which means lucky Craig will be the scribe when we get back from the break.


Ree-SharD said...

Me.. Teacher?? He He He. Nice one Aichelle. Oh yeah. I want to put this post into the hall of fame because of it's unique technique on presenting slides by explaining the slides in a thurow and expontial matter that helps people understand them

John D. said...

Me too! I vote this scribe post into the Scribe Post Hall of Fame because Aichelle did an excellent job of explaining the problems on the slides in a clear, thorough way that helps everyone understand them. 2nd vote it is!

m@rk said...

Count my vote too!! I think that this is an excellent scribe post for filling in the missing pieces of information that are not shown on the slides.This is definitely worthy to be in the Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aichelle,

Can I chime in with my "hall of fame worthy"!?

As mentioned in the previous comments, your annotations are clear and most helpful!

Kudos also to you and your classmates for carrying on in such fine fashion when Mr. K. was out of the room!

Enjoy Spring Break!

aichelle s. said...

thanks everyone...=)
Richard: yes you teacher! and thanks for helping with the smartboard when I was putting the answer up.
John: thanks for your comments haha, make me feel like I'm cooL!
Mark: thanks Mark, you said missing pieces haha..I feel like I went on a scavenger hunt or something[those are fun!]. =)
Lani: thank you for your comment and the wishes for spring break. I think that it's great that you continue to comment all of us on our work. It's more meaningful when we get someone outside of our class comment us on our posts and understand what we are saying.

«Craig» said...

Three words, Hall of Fame! Excellent use of colour and font to "grab" the reader's attention. Amazing job on the slides, helping us expand our comprehension of the material outlined in the post and presented on the slides.

Thank You!

aichelle s. said...

thanks Craig ! you're too cooL for schooL!

MrSiwWy said...

Awesome scribe post Aichelle! I nominate your scribe post for the hall of fame. Beautifully vivid yet detailed explanations help to portray the class' lesson, and the way you pointed out certain elements in each image and then explained them in-depth was great. Great job Aichelle!

aichelle s. said...

thanks mrsiwwy! you use big words are s0o0o smart!