Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Cycle... Done Unit... Proof???

Hello Everyone. I'm the scribe tonight. (Sorry It's So late...)

Well today was a very interesting day.

The Morning Class =)
AKA. The Land of Proofs.

At first we talked about the Developing Expert Voices Rubric. The rubric in fact is a representation of our goals and beliefs on what should be done in the project. This proving that if we work the rubric correctly… We could easily get a higher degree of a mark. Well that’s what I think anyways… Hahaha

Afterwards we were asked to solve the question;
Hahaha.. Graeme, stepped up to the plate and solved it. Afterwards we all asked for an explanation.. hahaha… It’s so cool and funny when we do that…

Well anyways… Afterwards Mr. K directly showed us the AWESOME proof of the sin and cosine identities. Wow… It’s SO INTERESTING!!!!!!(very sarcastic…)

The most interesting part about it is how it incorporates the sine and cosine function with the unit circle. The most interesting thing about it (well for me at least) is how it uses functions that we have learned in past grades like the distance formula (Grade 10) to utilise the proof to the best extent.

You know.. I think that these are most likely going into our dictionary…

AKA. In The End...

Well we spent the afternoon... With some shocking events… Unfolded with a truthful and insane amount of work related activities…

To start off Mr. K gives us another Question to solve…

To explain this in thoroughly… the problem required is more of an inverse of what we learned. Instead of utilizing the concept of solving the more complex equation, we inverse and solve the simpler equation. Thus attributing the goals and responsibilities to the sine and cosine difference identities. After creating another attribute to simply the equation. We multiply the equation with the attribute simply and prove that one side of the equation is equivalent to the other side of the equation.

Afterwards Mr. K gave us the question
To solve this we had to realise that the question was actually equivilant to this (Well Danny realized it)

Afterwards (well before actually) we solved the equation and came up with this answer.
Afterwards we did this with cosine which lead to a multitude of answers. This stating that we can use cos(2θ) to solve a multitude of questions.

Note: Mr. K is picking who’s going to the smart board to write answers now… So be prepared and warned…

Afterwards we did this question which was a review of the previous question at the beginning of the afternoon class.

Surprisingly enough… With this we finished the unit on Identities… We then did some practice questions and…

Quiz Tomorrow..
Pre-Test Monday...
New Unit Wednesday…
Flickr Assignment #1 due after Spring Break..

Homework is Exercise the NEXT
Be sure to get your BOBS up… Again..

And… The Next Scirbe is… BERTMAN!!!

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