Monday, March 19, 2007

BOB !!!

Hello again, back for another BOB. It seems just like yesterday since I did my other BOB post. Well,trigonometric identities, what a unit. This unit was easy at first considering the first couple days of class was just simple identities like switching tan into Sin/Cos. Then came the harder identities and the identities Sec,Csc, and Cot came into play. Then the sine dance, with sum and difference identities, and then double angle identities. That is when it became hard especially for me, and as I was asking other people in the class, they had the same answer as me. All in all I found the unit to be very tedious, because you had to memorize some of the identities, and have to check over your work simultaneously. I would like to say good luck and study hard, and especially practise those identities. GOOD LUCK !

Dino Petrelli

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