Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dodge BOB Mania

Wow.. This unit was a very interesting unit. It was thorough in the sense that I feel that I already learnt most of this unit from previous years of mathematics. So anyways.. These classes were really indifferent. The class was progressing at an astounding rate of mathematical learning and contributions. All because of the smart board. This has shown that our class is getting smarter because of the smart board every day. I feel that I have achieved a different level of understanding due to all of the technologies involved within the class.

The transformations unit for me was just another understanding of another unit. The unit in general is jammed pack with operations that I understand and can actually remember in this class. The unit in general is split up into a few different sections of graphing mathematically and periodically. From graphing equations to finding equations. Mr. K has jam packed this unit like a review for me and the class has contributed to my learning in general.

The classes’ scribes have attributed to my learning in this unit very thoroughly. The scribes have shown that there has been a steady progression of new technologies from flickr to slideshare. This has shown that our class has given a thought into how we learn in the class and there seems a wanting on us students teaching the class ourselves online. This is really cool, because not only do we learn but can also teach other generations. For example EDDIE who is an awesome grade 5 student reading at a grade 10 level.

What's confusing me the most in the unit is graphing, however graphing is more or less a nutshell of review of knowledge that has to be un hurdled but can not due to the absence of our less prominent technologies like the Math Dictionary which some classmates (including me) have been waiting forever to figure out what comes next into the math dictionary in order to install new terms and attributes to our mathematical lives.

That's all I got to say about that. GOOD LUCK ON THE TEST GUYS!!! AND HAVE FUN!!!

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