Sunday, March 11, 2007

One drop of water turned into a big Snowball

First of all I'd like to apologize to all because this scribe was kinda late so lets begin.

Thursday Class

This class was supposed to be spent to do our unit test on Transformations instead,
we talked about how our 10 minute conversation about Eddie turned out. Our conversation with about Eddie kinda snowballed. Many teachers from around the globe picked up our conversation with him and it generated a series of post that can be seen on Mr . K's post here. I personally did not expect that this will snowballed but i guess i was wrong. Then we had a chance to hear Eddie's voice for the first time in a podcasts he made about us. It was kinda good to hear his voice for the first time and from it you can actually tell his enthusiasm about the things awaiting for him in school. Then after that we tried to skype one of Eddie'd teachers, Anne Davis (sorry if i spelled your name wrong, I dont know if its suppose to be Ann), but she was not available, so we talked to our new mentor, Mr. Roland O'Daniel from Kentucky and said "hi". Then we saw a tutorial about an open source program called Geogebra made by one of Mr. K's friend in Scotland. Lastly, we talked about our upcoming project called Developing Expert Voices. In this project we have develop five problems involving the topic that we choose and solve it to represent our mastery on that topic .We must solve it in a way that we are teaching it to another student who just started this course.This project may involve some student from Mr. Fink's class in New YOrk.The deadline is on May but it is not yet 100% sure. Fell free to comment to this project.

Friday Class (Morning)

In this class we started our new unit called Trigonometric Identities.

Slide 1

In this slide it refreshes our memories about the basic trigonometric iden
tities namely the tangent, cosine , and sine and the reciprocal functions namely, secant cosecant and cotangent. Every trigonometric identity is build up of sine and cosine functions. Slide 2

In this slide we practice how to simplify trigonometric expressions into either cosine or sine.For the first example, sine cannot be simplify as anything because it is one of the basic blocks of trigonometric functions, secant can be simplify as 1/cosine , and cotangent can be simplify as cosine/sine. Then you can see that we just simplify everything.Remember that every question in this unit can be answer in different ways. It is just all about algebraic massage. For the second example, cosine cannot be simplified because it is one of the basic blocks, and cosecant can be simplify as 1/sin. Then we just simplifies everything as cos/sin or cotangent. For the third example you can notice that it is a difference of squares so just factor out the secant
, as you can see there are three boxed answers because as I said before it can be solve in many different ways by just respecting the right algebra.Slide 3-7

We just continue to simplify everything into either cosine, sine, or 1 but now with more complicated problems.
Slide 8
From the third question in slide 3 Grey-M said that cos^2 +sin^2 =1 which can will proven in the next slide.
Slide 9

Why is cos^2 +sin^2=1? It is because in the unit circle the distance of the x-axis is the cosine , the distance of the y-axis is the sine the radius is 1 and all the triangles are right angle so by the phytagorean theorem sin^2 +cos^2 must always equals 1 from this we generate the phytagorean identity.Slide 10

In this slide we got all the corollaries by just algebraically massaging the pythagorean identity.
Friday (Afternoon)

This class was spent to write our test on Transformations.

Thats it for my scribe. The next scribe is MilesM. Pie day is just two days away!!!!!!

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rlodan01 said...

I feel honored to be mentioned in your post today. I had fun chatting with you on Thursday. I went home and told my wife how well informed the class was about Kentucky (we are famous for our fried chicken). I look forward to reading more of your notes from class.