Friday, March 16, 2007


It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Superman! No.... it's Bertman. Hey folks, I have the honours of being your scribe again for today. Today's class was quite short due to the quiz we had. It took up a little more than half the class so we still had enough time to correct the quizzes. None of you probably noticed but I was doing the sine dance in my head when I was stumped on a question. Too bad I can't talk much about the quiz because a couple of students missed it and Mr. Kuropatwa didn't post any of the slides.
Well anyways, Mr. Kuropatwa also mentioned that there would be a new math curriculum. There would be a Trades Mathematics, which is required for carpentry, plumbing, etc, Mathematics for the Sciences, which is similar to Pre-Cal, and Fundamentals of Mathematics, all coming in the near future.
Soon after, Mr. K showed us his very own webpage that he made for a couple of semesters now. It gives you a review of the all the units of the course. He said he will link to it on our blog and I think it'll be very useful for studying.
This has almost brought us to the end of the class but before that, we got into groups and had a little competition to see who could solve multiple choice identity questions. Right when the answers were put up the bell rang and class was over.

A reminder that the pre-test is on Monday I believe and for the students who missed today's quiz must make it up Monday at lunch. The test is on Tuesday and Wednesday is the beginning of a new unit. DON'T FORGET TO DO YOUR BOBS. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND GUYS!

P.S. The next scribe will be Jojo stones! <-------- it was picked out of a hat

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