Monday, March 19, 2007

Jojo Rock's Scribe post v2

Hey, can I have another moment of your time guys? It's another scribe post by your friendly and always supportive classmate Jojo! Man I feel so awkward just typing that. Anyways once again, I'm going to break down today's classes. Thank you Bert for choosing me as scribe. Giving me such an easy day (NOOOOOT). Even I struggled today and this is supposed to be my unit! I felt so confident at the beginning and as the unit went on I was blew away. Thank Jebus we don't need to memorize all those identities. Wouldn't that be a pain in the behind eh? Anyways....

In today's morning class we did some review work. Really wasn't review to me, some reason I don't remember seeing half of those questions before.

1-sec^2x is identical to..

a) -tan^2x b)tan^2x c)cot^2x d)csc^2 e)cos^2x

What my good friend John did for this question was write down the basic identity cos^2x+sin^2x=1. From there he divided everything by cos^2x because it would give 1/cos^2x on the right side which is equal to sec^2x. But also you end up with

1 + tan x = sec^2x

Simplifying this you get -tan^x = 1-sec^2x and your final answer of a!

The slides posted up by Mr. K shows a lot of what happened next. Like when given cos x = -1/3 and sin x < 0, we can find the value of sin x by drawing out out unit circle and by using the Pythagorean theorem we can find the missing side therefore just by looking at it we can easily the value of sin x. Thank you Sam for the wonderful work done in this question.

Everything is straight forward after that. We were given more questions which you can see in the slide show. Sorry guys no funny anime pictures or displays today. Maybe another time. Anyways I forgot to BOB, and I need to study for the test tomorrow and for the test in my history class... Ohh yeah SCRIBE TOMORROW is err let me check the list.. Since its an easy scribe tomorrow my very good friend MrSiwWy is who I will choose. Peow.

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