Wednesday, March 7, 2007

One Drop of Water ...

can have far reaching ripples.

Eddie started a conversation with us. You left him some messages in our podcast. Some of you posted about it on our class blog. I was so taken with the entire exchange that I blogged about it on my own blog. Lani also listened to our podcast and blogged about our dialogue with Eddie.

One of Eddie's teachers, Anne Davis, also blogged about it on her blog. This has become something of "an event." Our conversation has been picked up by another teacher, Jim Gates, in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. That led to Bill Dolton blogging about it on his blog. He's in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

Of course, this all comes back to Eddie. He did three brief podcasts about our conversation. They had A Great Day in Georgia. All of which makes me think ... these sort of real connections are too good to just let pass by ... what can we do about that?

The thought occurred to me: We have mentors on our blog, maybe we can be mentors to younger students on their blogs ... mull it over and let's talk about this some more in class.

Eddie has just left Grey-M this comment on his BOB:

Hi! This is eddie from bloggical minds. I appreciate the podcast you guys made about me. You will be suprised to see what comes back. Anyways I sohwed the principal that podcast and now she want to show the super intendant of our schools. If you have anything to say you can find me at( Bye!!!!

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