Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Billy-Joe BOB

Well Howdy there y'all. This is my BOB for the unit of Transformations. Luckily Mr. K has become a whiz at using the smart board so classes are almost back at the normal pace (save for the few uncontrollable technical difficulties). Concerning Transformations my two main obstacles to get over were to always watch the sign of A as if the number given/found is negative, it will be written as a postive within the equation, and if the number given/found is positive, it will be written as a negative within the equation. I always caught myself rushing through that part without thinking it through carefully and drawing an incorrect graph due to my carelessness. The second obstacle deals with the problem solving. I kept trying to do too many things at once instead of keeping it simple and going through each of the steps thourghly. This caused massive confusion and many minor errors throughout my work that I should have easily spotted and fixed. For the next unit I have to remind myself to slow it down and that everyone learns at their own speed, so not to rush it because I'm not helping myself. I'm definetly nervous for tomorrow's test because I missed the first introduction to this unit but I feel confident enough that with the help my classmates provided me I should make it through. So, GOODLUCK EVERYONE! :D

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RolandOD said...

Howdy right back at you!