Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Wow I totally forgot about this =S I hope Mr. K still accepts this as a BOB even though I'm doing it the morning of the test =S Well anyways here we go. This last unit wasn't too tough, more or less it was exactly quite easy. The only problem basically was doing the proofs for the identities. Without practice those things can take quite a long time to figure out. They're not necessarily challenging, more like a longer processes to figure out then most other problems and really the only way to get better at them is to practice, so I hope you guys pracstices! Other then that, I don't really see anything else in the unit that was too complicated. However we must remember to "algebraically massage" the problems. Another problem was, it seemed that people forgot about factoring, and that is a possibility when doing this problems so remember that too guys! Most of you won't even see this post so I apologize. Once again I hope Mr.K forgives me for this one time I forgot and considers this as my BOB

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