Thursday, March 1, 2007

Plotting Piece Functions (is that how you call it?) on Fooplot

Yes, plotting piece functions or whatever you may call it (I forgot haha) works on Fooplot. The thing is, it makes those "weird" lines so I still have to play around with it. A problem that I found with it is that it doesn't accept greater/less than or equal to signs (≤, ≥), apparently it causes syntax error. Haha.

Graphing f(x) = {x2-4; x ≤ 0, x-8, x>0}:

Graphing: f(x) = { -3; -7 ≤ x ≤ -4, x + 1; -4 < x ≤ 3, 4; 3 < x ≤ 7 }

Note: As you can see, it makes those weirdthingy lines that it's not supposed to.. I'll find a way around it. Or maybe someone else will.

Also, a reminder to Mr. K, please put up our Math Dictionary notes. Haha.

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