Wednesday, March 7, 2007

BOBby Brown

So we are wrapping up our second unit on TRANSFORMATIONS. Overall it was bad because it was all pretty much graphing, and as some of yous might know i despise anything thats has to do with graphing. Doing alot of this graphing though is helping furthure my understanding of the whole concept.

The first half of the unit was pretty straight forward learning such things as ƒ(x) = aƒ(bx) controls the vertical stretch and compressions of a function. Also learning how to graph reflections and inverse functions: (x,y) (y,x). And even and odd functions. The only thing i had a alittle trouble with was the whole STRETCHES BEFORE TRANSLATIONS &or MULTIPLYING BEFORE ADDING/SUBTRACTING, but i think i got it now :).

Now the reciprocal functions was a tab bit more difficult, and learning some new things like invariant points and absolute value functions.
And everything was fine and fanastic, until....we got to Trigonometric Modeling which is pretty much putting everything we learned all together into to one big, long question that takes like 30 minutes to complete, having some trouble but i will eventually get the hang of it. Could really use another extra day, but overall this unit had its ups and downs.

!!!Good Luck Everyone!!!

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