Monday, March 19, 2007


Wowww , Was this unit an interesting one,
Not one of my favourites but it was ok. Hey Sam you never did show me the sine dance, so i don't know it yet, you'll have to show me later. The pre-test was hard today during 2nd class so tonight I'm locking myself in my room till I get these identities down pat. Im sure we've all missed a few classes due to illness but boy was these first days the wrong ones to be sick especially at the beginning of our new unit, Mr.K to be honest I was sooo lost when I came back to class I prayed you didn't ask to put my answer on the smartboard since you made your new rule, about different people having to go up to the board. Well I did the exercises and though some were tricky, I feel a better about the test tomorrow. The pre-test was challenging but it helped a lot, see all of you guys in class tomorrow and come prepared.. oh yea sorry my bob is up the night before the test, I've had problems with the net.

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