Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Simple Bob

Most units are the same to me; they usually include a hill that you must climb over to achieve your goal. An example of this is like the trig problem solving. It's hard to think about all at once, especially by yourself, but quite easy to understand when the class or Mr. K is going over the question or working as a group. All of this narrows down to the solution: using your new found knowledge to practice independently. I think that is one of my weak points.. not practicing enough.

Another thing that I think would help a lot are math dictionary notes. They are concentrated knowledge all in a notebook. It's easy to access and would aid any misunderstandings greatly. I'm personally an independent learner, with the occasional team efforts. My strong suit is usually by myself.

I am not confident enough to say that I'm ready for the test. However, since we still have time to practice and we have a pretest before the actual test, I'm sure it's enough to get me over that hill.

Good luck to you all on the test and pre-test! Stretches before Translations!

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