Friday, March 16, 2007

Sponge BOB

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sin(α - β) = (sin α )( cos β ) - ( cos α )( sin β )

cos(α + β) = (cos α )( cos β ) - ( sin α )( sin β )
sin(α + β) = (sin α )( cos β ) + ( cos α )( sin β )

cos(α -β) = (cos α )( cos β ) + ( sin α )( sin β )

SIN and TAN functions are ODD and COS functions are even.

sin(-θ) = - sin (θ)
cos(-θ) = cosθ
tan(-θ) = - tan (θ)

Proving the Identities will be one of the challenges for me. It is confusing because of the long and crazy solutions for.

Hopefully, the paper is long enough to put the identity proving part of the test... Hahaha...

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The early bird catches the worm... So I decided to do my BOB while I am still unable to sleep... So this unit will be a challenge for me, partly because I wasn't in class for 3 1/2 lessons. But I kinda understand
most of the things in it. There was Eddie and his very inspiring message to us from Georgia. The SINE dance is one of the main highlights of this unit. Well, there's Pi Day, where we ate at least 12 different kinds of pie. I have had enough pie for the whole year! Here are something's I learned:

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