Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Well I must say that this unit has been a smashing good time. That smart board is just a riot. Though I must say that with Mr. K's learning curve on that smart accompanied with the interruptions it seemed to me that we did have some wasted classes. But now that the curve has smoothed out a bit our learning is faster than ever as put our answers up, check and correct faster than ever and more visually than ever. So that leads me to my feelings about the unit and I feel pretty secure about it going into the test. One thing that I drilled into my mind after that quiz we had though is STRETCHES BEFORE TRANSLATIONS, STRETCHES BEFORE TRANSLATIONS, STRETCHES BEFORE TRANSLATIONS and if you are trying to find the original graph from some transformed version do it in the reverse order, translations then stretches. Now after doing a couple of the trigonometry problem solving questions I feel fairly confident about those as well. I wish everyone luck on the upcoming test!

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