Sunday, March 4, 2007


Hey guys! Its J to the E-E-E-N-G, haha, your scribe for today.

So our class started off by Trig Modeling. First we looked at a word problem it was a picture of a mountain that was reflecting on the water. We also talked about the sunrise at Saskatchewan, can you believe that they have no daylight saving time? There were also five questions that came along with it. After looking at the picture we saw a lot of transformation. For example the reflection, compression because of the smaller mountain, or should I say a hill, on the back of the mountain. Someone said that they saw the absolute value of the sine function. Mr. K said that he would call it a linear function. We're going to spend quite some time on problem solving. Friday's class would be just the introduction to Trig modeling and on monday we'll do more problem solving, it would take about two classes. We've learned about translation, compression, reflection, invereses, reciprocal and absolute values and they can all be mix together to find a function. The pretest would either be on monday afternoon or tuesday morning, that would be the latest. The test should be either on tuesday afternoon or wednesday morning. Don't forget to do B.O.B.

Then later on Mr. K talked talked to us about our photo assignment about real life math clipart. Our first assignment is called trigonometry, we have to find pictures somewhere out in the world that has to do with trigonometry. But there is an exception we cannot take pictures of peoples faces and take pictures from the internet, we have to take it ourselves using digital cam or cellphones. Mr. K showed us the rubric from last year, it was made by a group of people not just him. I believe Mr. K wants us to take a look at the rubric and if we have any suggestions or changes feel free to add or edit it your welcome to change anything on the document. I'm pretty sure Mr. K will put up the link pretty soon.

After we talked about our place in the blogsphere and he showed us how to find out about it. We also went to one of our young visitors Eddie, he's a grade five student in Georgia. I believe Mr. K said something about him being in a grade ten level, impressive much?. Seven days ago he looked at our blog and blogged about it. We read it and everybody was impressed of Eddie. From what I can remember when I was in grade five I didn't even know what a computer is! He's so interested learning about Pi and Phi's. Everybody had different reactions when we read the part when he said he can't wait to get in highschool. Wow, Eddie your awesome. You are very inspiring. I wish I had the same attitude as you when I was in your age. Hey, you should listen to our podcast sometime for our class on Friday, March 2, 2007.

We finished everything off with a few more introductory about trigonometric modeling. We also finished some of the questions Mr. K had for the beggining of the class we did the best we could but we ran out of time so we'll finish it off on monday. Well, that's pretty much it. Sorry it was kind of late. Well have a great weekend everybody.

oh btw the next scribe is : ALBERT M

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