Monday, March 19, 2007

BOBby Burnquist

Hey there again. Time for another Bob, this time for the identities test. To be completely honest I am completely out of control freaking out for this test. I am having difficulty figuring out which identities I should use in what questions so it takes me a long time because it is a major trial and error thing. I also can always get to a certain point in a question and then freeze up because I can not see what the next step is. I'm hoping that if I take a few breaths of fresh air and calm down....I will be able to suck in all the smarts of the class! MUHAHHAHA! Seriously though, this is the first test this semestre that I really feel is a brick wall, not because I don't understand the concept, but because I have a problem applying it properly. So I wish everyone else good luck on this test (and pre-test) and think hard so I can catch some of those brainwaves. *winkwink knudgeknudge* c ya this afternoon.

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