Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Hello again, what can I say, this unit on Transformations was some what tough for me, especially Trigonometric Modeling toward the end of the unit. Trigonometric Modeling gave me a little trouble, because I was over concentrating and trying to do most of the work required in my head and not down on paper, where I made most of my mistakes. I also had a little trouble in the beginning when graphing functions, although that was quickly corrected when we were told to do stretches before translations ( remember). All in all, the unit was fun, especially the graphing of absolute and inverse functions, because they were not as hard as some of the other graphs we had done. Another interesting subject in the Transformations unit was the even and odd functions which were fun to do. As I was writing this BOB so much has been refreshed in my mind, time to go study!

P.S.: Remember to study and revise your notes, and good luck on tomorrow’s test.

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