Monday, March 19, 2007


Ahhh.. I nearly forgot to BOB. Hahaha. So anyways.. This unit was really awsome. What really surprised me was the different concepts asserted at different times. I thought this unit was basically a review of what we had previously learned in the distant past. For instance.. The left side of an equation has to equal the right side of the equation. That was pretty easy. And then there was a whole lot of different concepts and a long proof.. Oh great... Not fun.. Hahaha. So anyway... This unit was not that hard. There are some trouble with the identities that I can suffice but they are easily submissable within a few different areas of time and allot of practice itself. The only trouble I would of had is the memorization of the identities, but that was solved with us getting an identity sheet. Well at least I wont have to dance again.. Hahaha.. But dancing is fun anyways.. hahaha. What am I saying.. Oh yeah.. Well as per always Everyone Study Hard. Cause I am. hahaha And Have a GREAT DAY TOMORROW.. AND Excellent Luck on the test. Hahaha. I always wanted to blog this... Hahahaha.

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