Wednesday, March 7, 2007


TRANSFORMATIONS, what a unit. It was really hard to grasp at first, still kind of is because of all the word problems. What I found the least difficult was solving for things like f(x) when given the graph and equation, so finding the original equations are good for me. I have to remember, stretches before translations! Sometimes I have this weird habit of stretching the graph vertically a unit too high or low. I know how to find the inverse of a function algebraically and graphing it is no problem. What stumps me is that 'witches curve'.
I still have problems with finding the period and sometimes when I'm doing one of those word problems, I don't know where to start. Drawing the graph is the beginning, but generating the equation is hard when you're not sure what the period is. I really don't feel confident doing the word problems that have to do with the months of the year. It confuses me because sometimes the dates start on weird dates, a date that may be during the middle of the month. I'm not sure where to start drawing my graph. Well, I hope everyone studies really hard and practices, good luck. See you all tomorrow fellow classmates!


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