Monday, February 19, 2007

B.B.T.T. (blog before the test) or BOB

Hmm.. circular functions.

First I thought it was gonna be quite a struggle for me since I hadn't taken math for a year and that I forgot most of the things I've done last year. It was definitely a struggle for me the first few days because my brain was still in idle mode and I was trying to make my brain get back in rhythm. Fortunately, after a few days of doing math exercises, I was able to finally understand the unit. At first I didn't understand how to convert degrees to radians and vice versa, but after Mr. K gave us the first set of Math Dictionary notes, I finally understood it. The Unit Circle was not that hard to memorize after you work with it after a couple of exercises. Also another area where I was struggling is at graphing trigonometric equations and creating an equation from a graph. From the pre-test last Thursday I finally understood how to scale the graph and from today's class I was finally able to understand the concept of making an equation from a given graph. I'm still not very confident about it, but probably after a few review exercises I should be good.

So, good luck on the test on Wednesday guys and gals!

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