Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Unit Circle is the Key

Today’s class started off by Mr. Kuropatwa talking to us about blogging. He helped us understand how to blog and use labels. It is very important to use labels because it gives our blog (text book) an index. You can look at it as an index because if you ever want to look something up, you just go to labels and find the heading that it will be under. Also, Mr. Kuropatwa mentioned a new way of posting. Check it out its pretty cool.

Next we went over question 5, 10, and 11 on exercise 2. (Click links to open questions)


10. All you have to do is set up a proportion ----> 5 meters over 30 meters = something (x) over 360 degrees and that will give you the number of degrees that the wheel turned. Then all you do is change it into radians and you are complete.
11. First you find the radius setting up a proportion between degrees and circumference. Then you set up another proportion between the degrees and the area that will then give you the final answer to the question.
After all of those questions that we had from our homework, we went onto memorizing the unit circle. We did this by Mr. Kuropatwa standing at the front of the class and being the unit circle. He would move his arm around and we had to call out the angle, sin of that angle, and cos of that angle. We also went into the tangents of each angle and how to figure those out. Once that was done we all had a quiz from 1 to 10 on the unit circle.
When we came back to class in the afternoon, all we did was questions on the board. The questions that we did will take you right into the homework which by the way is exercise 3 (1-20).
Don't forget to do your homework!
The next scribe is VINCENT.


aichelle s. said...

I really like how your scribe post is posted up early and how it's easy to understand. Good job Robert!

Tim_MATH_y said...

goodjob on the post man.

Grey-M said...

Thx for reminding us on the labels, thought I was forgetting something when fixing my post.