Friday, February 16, 2007

The Smart Board Saga

This morning as I walked into class, the first thing I noticed was a large pole sticking out of the roof of our classroom. That could only mean one thing...The Smart Board had been installed! Mr. K was already busy playing around with his new toy. As soon as the last bars of "O Canada" rang through the room we eagerly began our adventure into the discovery of the Smart Board and it's many mysterious ways. Mr. K started by clicking into ITunes and showing us that our podcasts had been professionally been placed into the ITunes store accompanied by a "poser picture" of Mr. K himself as pointed out by Danny. Mr. K was then asked about the infamous myspace and was persuaded to create one of his own. Mr. K then told us that the University of Manitoba has a myspace as well!
So after the multiple "ooohhhss" and "aaaahhhhhsss" about what the Smart Board was able to accomplish Mr. K realized that the podcast that was supposed to be running, was unfortunately not. So there is no podcast for this class, sorry. We then opened up the notepad on the Smart Board with the intentions of going straight into our Math Dictionary notes. Again, problems arose. They say old habits die hard, which in the case of Mr. K's need to hold more than one pen in his hand, is very true. The pens that come with the Smart Board are designed so that a sensor is turned on once a certain "colour" is removed, meaning only one "colour" can be removed at one time. In that lay the problem. Luckily the eraser can be used at the same time as a pen because, boy, did we ever use that a lot! We eventually worked out the minor problems through team work,say it with me now, TEAM WORK! We wrote out the notes into our Math Dictionary's (which are shown in Mr. K's post below). The last thing mentioned was the many reminders. First of all, Monday's morning class will be spent either in the library, the cafeteria, or even in Mr. K's homeroom, but you must choose one of those places. The afternoon class is just a normal class and you must be in Mr. K's room. The second announcement was that the test has been moved to Tuesday so get in that extra studying!
As for the next scribe.......(drum roll) DINO!


aichelle s. said...

haha that was a fun class and good scribe post Kasia it was funny and detailed, thanks for the reminders.

VincentR said...

hey very funny.. haha! yea it was a funny class! lol.. good job kasia!